Why is the International Train the Trainer Course Important?

Why is the International Train the Trainer Course Important?

The Train-the-Trainer Course is becoming one of the most buzzing terms where people are constantly asking the same question. “What is train the trainer?” Let’s remove the myth that the Train-the-Trainer Course is for trainers and coaches who want to become trainers and coaches.

International Train-the-Trainer for professionals is a holistic course for helping professionals, entrepreneurs, founders and C Suites to acquire the skills and confidence to radiate positive energy and engage their peers, to achieve personal and professional success, thus creating a brand that impacts lives.

Therefore, in this article, we have got for you the best information on The Train-the-Trainer Course. Let’s go ahead and unveil some quality information, one by one.

Why take The British School of Etiquette India International Train-the-Trainer Course for Professionals?

  • International learning environment with comprehensive face-to-face training with Mr Philip Sykes ( Founder and Principal of The British School of Etiquette United Kingdom)
  • Master the skill set
  • Innovative pedagogical framework
  • Trigger training and catapulting development
  • Accelerate efficiencies in processes
  • Increase creativity
  • Increase performance level
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase your confidence
  • Advancement with consistency
  • Increase your business growth by mastering business etiquette
  • Increase your own brand’s reputation by gaining knowledge of and practicing correct manners, etiquette and service
  • Maximize your company’s market share by creating a brand that attracts



Our Train-the-Trainer Programme provides you with the extensive knowledge on how to focus on building attractive brands and successful enterprise, cohesiveness of every detail is key. Mr Philip Sykes and Ms Niraalee Shah binds these details to create an impactful, sustainable change in your organization, which propels business towards profit and enhanced productivity, as well as an internationally accredited certification that enables you to establish your own business in any part of the world and focus on creating a BRAND, YOU.

The modules are carefully designed to allow candidates to develop transformational teaching to clients anywhere in the world, to build their own commercially successful business platforms, or just to expand and enhance their own knowledge to achieve increased business growth, brand reputation and market share.

The five-day course is held in Mumbai at The Taj Mahal Palace Mumbai The Classroom and encompasses all business and social tools and knowledge for professionals, corporates and organizations.



Learn, Unlearn, Re-learn: reinterpret pedagogical concepts for the 21st Century classroom and explore methods for deep engagement.


Take an active role: experience the training cycle through a competency-based approach and share and gain expertise while interacting with other professionals in your group.


Do it differently: nurture change through active learning methods, digital engagement tools, gamified approaches, agile and creative thinking, and multimodal immersive experiences.



Our course will help you understand the business cultures of international organizations.


Our programme helps you to develop the acumen to use the knowledge, concepts, its tools and techniques to analyse business situations and identify gaps.


The curriculum is designed to help you develop business strategic growth based on mastering the professional skill-set.


Our case-study methods are practical, which develop your insight into executing a BRAND, YOU to achieve your goals.


Participants will develop the ability to take decisions by analysing situations


The programme helps participants understand international business ethics along with international business etiquette.


The programme helps participants to become successful leaders through understanding individuals and team dynamics.

Building an impactful brand with deep values, sharp focus and superlative recall is a complex task. A passionate brand builder, Niraalee Shah starts her work from the inside to create the big change for you – a change that is visible on the outside. Taking your vision, problem and goal as her own, she creates strategies that are viable, sustainable and profitable.

Join me in our flagship course The International Train-the-Trainer on January 25th 2021 – January 29th 2021 at The Taj Lands End.

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