embassy Training Program

Embassy and Ambassador's Training

The British School of Etiquette India has developed a unique Training Program especially for the Embassy, Consulate, Diplomatic Office, and Ambassador Residences.

This program was developed around our International Etiquette and Protocol training initiative and incorporates a wide range of subjects especially designed for staff training at Embassy, Consulate, Diplomatic Office, and Ambassador Residences globally.

Our mantra is reform, perform and transform. We want to do better and better.
Narendra Modi


  • Ambassador International Communication Skills
  • Mastery of Conversation
  • Multicultural Etiquette and International
  • Protocol Understanding VIP
  • Head of State and Royalty expectations
  • State Banquet Settings for all occasions
  • International Cuisine and understanding the service delivery
  • Deportment, Poise, Polish
  • Posturing and Positioning
  • Meet and greet with special attention on International Protocol Interact successfully with diverse Nationalities Embassy and Consulate dress and attire
  • Creating a welcoming environment for all nationalities
  • The planning and coordination of staff tasks within the Embassy, Consulate or Residence
  • Anticipation techniques and successful fulfilment of guest special requests
  • Welcome drinks presentation strictly according to International
  • Protocol handling delicate or awkward situations smoothly
  • Seemliness The art of introductions
  • Mobile Phones and Email Etiquette
  • Telephone Protocol and answering techniques
  • Concierge skills Body language and dressing for success
  • Facial expressions How to stand, how to move
  • Mastery of Manners Aura Mastery The weakest link in communication skills exposed and erased
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