International Social Etiquette for Youth

International Youth Etiquette

The British School of Etiquette India offers trainings that includes the multi-cultural facets that give today’s pre-teens, teenagers and young adults the competitive advantage in everyday life, at school and in their future careers.

The youth of today are more knowledgeable hence, for teenagers and university graduates the emphasis is on teaching them skills to develop into independent, confident and respectful adults. When we focus solely on academic achievement, it is easy to forget that personal presentation, social confidence and emotional intelligence are just as vital in setting young people on the road to success.

The British School of Etiquette India course on International Youth Etiquette training and certification programme is the foremost youth etiquette programme in India.

No one Is YOU
And that Is
your POWER


Course Details

  • Appearance & Grooming
  • Social Skills & Grooming Tips for Teens 
  • Communication Skills  
  • The importance of Digital Presence                                
  • Deportment Lesson
  • International Exchange
  • Manners at home and at school
  • Manners in public        
  • Interview skills
  • Dining Etiquette and Table Manners
  • Manners for travel
  • Life Skills
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