5 ways leaders emerge through difficult times (and you can too.)

5 ways leaders emerge through difficult times (and you can too.)

The pandemic is a crisis that’s worsening by the minute. Leaders are finding it difficult to keep their teams motivated amidst layoffs, losses and pay cuts. But, difficult times are what make or break a leader. Great leaders emerge from tough times like the phoenix and rise above their difficulties. They are equipped with qualities like resilience, empathy, acceptance etc. and use them to navigate through a crisis as well as to drive their team out of it. Here are five ways leaders handle a rough patch and emerge through it stronger than ever.

Accountability and acceptance:

Acceptance is the first step to change. You can solve the most complex issues in the world by first accepting the facts about the situation. Accept the reality of the situation and always take accountability for all your actions. Great leaders can guide their teams even in the face of danger. Your team looks up to you for guidance and support during a crisis. Motivate your team to focus on looking forward rather than pointing fingers at each other. Be more committed to moving ahead.

Maintain transparency among your team:

One of the most important qualities that leaders need to possess is to practice and demonstrate transparency among their employees. Enlighten them about the severity of the situation and embrace uncertainty during the crisis. Leaders who communicate effectively during a crisis find their team members working more efficiently and being more invested towards the organization.

Lead with resilience


Your team follows you. They look up to you for guidance because you’re their leader. They pay attention to the things you do and say as well as the decisions you take and the things you choose to ignore. Stay optimistic. Your team reflects you and your positivity and focus will drive your team to victory. Never forget to take care of yourself. Your mental and physical well being is important to battle against a problem as well as to lead your team to success. Doing all this enhances your skills to cope up with difficult situations causing you to be more resilient which will help you greatly impact your team as well as the sticky situation you’re in, more efficiently.
Resilient leaders manage to take a difficult situation and emerge with a breakthrough.

Have a great sense of empathy

Remember that your team too, is facing a great level of stress; just like you! It is, therefore, crucial to lead your team with utmost empathy. Reset your expectations from the team during the change in the situation. People who lead with empathy create a greater level of trust and commitment by their employees. Always keep yourself updated with your employees’ progress. Schedule one on one meetings to help them in case they’re facing trouble in their work or personal lives. Encourage them. Assure your employees about their position and make sure they know how their efforts are contributing to the bigger picture. Give your employees opportunities to keep them productive. Bring about a sense of importance amongst each one of your employees.

Communicate and don’t use your cool

Tough times call for constant and transparent communication and leaders who practice effective communication find their teams performing efficiently. Your team needs to know that you’re in a position of control with regards to the problem and that you intend to solve it. They need to know where they stand and how they can be a part of it and contribute to the organization. Developing a healthy habit of effective communication amongst your team will help them be more focused, spirited and enthusiastic. Reward your team for their triumphs, maintain a positive atmosphere
and stay calm while doing so.

“The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.”

– John Maxwell
The road to success passes through an ocean of difficulties and only strong leaders manage to lead their team through it all.

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